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Video on Demand from DIVA direct is a fantastic way to discover great, lesbian and bi cinema. With brilliant lesbian dramas such as Stud Life, hilarious comedies like Jamie and Jessie Are Not Together; and thought-provoking documentaries like Before Stonewall, we’ve got a great range of movies from Peccadillo Pictures to suit everyone. Movies can be rented and viewed on your computer, tablet or phone from just £2.49.


margarita stud life bumblefuck usa circumstance
margarita stud life bumblefuck usa circumstance
a perfect ending the year dolly parton was my mum the journey jamie and jessie are not together
hit so hard the last summer of la boyita so hard to forget the guest house
the owls and hooters the wedding song and then came lola
m before stonewall four minutes
highly strung hannah free heavenly creatures fit
producing adults we have to stop now villa amalia elena undone
the fish child finn's girl